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Want information about cortisonum

Want information about cortisonum

Posted by: Michele Pruitt

Hello Dr. Bhatia – I was speaking with a friend yesterday who is taking a remedy called Cortisonum which was recommended to her to assist in weight loss. I cannot locate any information on this remedy and was wondering if you have a reference or any information on Cortisonum. Many thanks for your assistance. Michele Pruitt

Dear Michele,

I am not aware of the use of Cortisonum for weight loss. This is something new and surprising for me. Hence I can not offer any reference in this context.

Best wishes,

Dr. B


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  • Hi,

    I want to know if a remedy made from chemical testosterone 200c will remove excess hair growth on males or females. There seems to be a misunderstanding out there that provings are done based on “eating those substances in large amounts” versus taking a proving in homeopathic potencies(ie not material) . So I was wondering if testosterone 200c will remove hair, because we know that people who undergo testosterone therapy by injection of testosterone get these symptoms, but this is not the definition of a proving, which are done in homeopathic potency and not crude material. Also I wanted to know if there is a website or resource of modern well conducted provings . Thanks

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