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homeopathy books free downloadMagic Keys

By Leah Gibbs Knobbe

Would you like to travel far
From the place where now you are?
Read a book!

Would you nature’s secrets know,
How her children live and grow?
Read a book!

Is it adventure that you crave,
On land or on ocean wave?
Read a book!

Would you like to talk with kings?
Or to fly with Lindbergh’s wings?
Read a book!

Would you look on days gone by?
Know scientific reasons why?
Read a book!

The world before you will unfold,
For a magic key you hold
In a book!

A Message from Dr. Bhatia

I believe that most knowledge should be readily available to everyone.

With this intention, we have created this online library of free homeopathic books and journals, where we can give space to as much homeopathy literature as possible.

The idea is to make free homeopathy books available to the community in an electronic form and to make them easily searchable so that our students & teachers can find the relevant information quickly and easily. Also, it will serve as a free resource to learn homeopathy online.

The best homeopathy books from our master homeopaths like Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, Allen, Hering, Farrigton, Kent, Tyler, Boericke, Dewey, Phatak etc are already here. Much more is on its way!

JOIN ME in this effort!

If you are an author and have a ebook ebooks, kindle books) or a paper book or an old journal that is out of print now, you can make it available to the homeopathic community through this online library so that people can continue to benefit from your work.

Right now, all the homeopathy ebooks here are in English but we are willing to expand in other languages like French, German, Spanish and Indian languages like Tamil, Telgu, Marathi, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu etc.

If you have access to any copyright free homeopathy books or journals in html, word or format, you can send them to us for inclusion in this .

Write to us at [email protected]


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